Hi, My name is Katie

This website is a public service website designed by a dog lover who is frustrated about the low-quality self-serving dog nutrition info found online. My website will help you make a more informed and better decision while buying food for your four-legged friend. 

Welcome! My name is Katie and I am one of those persons who love and take care of her dogs than many individuals do to their children. 

And if you adore your four-legged pet as much as I do, you are at the right place as I assume that you will be probably concerned about how to find healthy and safe food to nourish her. 

‘I know things about the dog’s food that even your veterinarian might not know’ 

I am not questioning that you vet isn’t a valuable source of information about the nutrition of your canine, but there’s a lot more to know about the dog’s food than just canine nutrition. 

I know- 

  • The brand’s safety practices 
  • The company’s recall history 
  • Who actually makes each dog’s food 
  • How to read labels 
  • How to rightly interpret the nutritional content of a recipe 
  • The additives which are toxic and the ones which are safe
  • How to discover where the ingredients come from 
  • Dozens of crucial statistics and facts about each product

‘I obsess over dog’s food so you don’t have to’ 

Why I created this website? 

Katie & Carey

My best friend, my love, my Carey started having multiple food allergies. It was at that moment that I decided to dive deep into his food and nutrition for understanding how can I help him. 

I realised, in the beginning of the process, that there is a wide variety of food quality on the market- Starting from the dog food that you wouldn’t even wish to the dog of your enemy to the highest-quality ‘human grade’ food. 

I tested dozens of dog food brands and finally managed to solved Carey’s allergy issues with the help of veterinarians. 

But there was something that I realised during this challenging journey- Most of the information about dog’s nutrition available on the internet isn’t scientifically approved and many dog owners, like me, are facing all sorts of issues with their dog’s food and nutrition. 

‘I am not a vet but can give you nutrition and food advice for your dog’

My mission while creating this website was to try and put together the content about the dog’s food and nutrition that I never found online when I was addressing Carey’s issues. 

I wish and hope to succeed in this mission because I know your four-legged best friend is as important to you as Carey is to me. 

What to do now? 

If you are still reading this, it only means that you too are interested in improving your dog’s nutrition either for making your best friend happier or for health. 

The good news is that we have got you covered by preparing everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either- 

  • Refer our dog’s food guides for choosing the right food that is suitable for your best friend. 
  • Read out our nutrition guides for understanding your dog’s issues and needs. 

I have worked very hard in curating this useful content together. I also hope that you enjoy reading it and would also love to hear if you have any suggestions for making this website better.